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FULL – Taking Care of Business: Digital Tools and Best Practices

Take care of business, streamline management, and improve operations with appropriate digital solutions

Offered in French only

You are struggling to coordinate tasks that are continually expand? Are these tasks poorly organised or do they rely on unsuitable digital tools? Do you need to organize and automate your work to counter dispersion? Are you simply looking to develop projects and ensure your activities are managed smoothly and efficiently?

Regardless of the reason, it is inevitable that we implement solutions to take care of business so that administrative work supports our professional goals without overwhelming us.

During this course, you will acquire notions geared at identify your administrative issues. Understanding your needs will help you develop a strategy to respect your financial, human, and organisational resources.

You will receive a general demonstration of a selection of available digital solutions that could improve your daily operations in the following areas:

  • Safety: control confidentiality of documents and access to them.
  • Management: planning and coordinating tasks, resources, and schedules.
  • Office automation: creating and collaborating on documents with cloud computing.
  • Communications: automation and impact of digital communications.
  • Design: creating adaptive and attractive visual material.

Learning Objectives

  • Define your organisational needs, document your current processes, and develop an intervention strategy.
  • Discover relevant digital tools and platforms for your administrative needs.
  • Chose digital solutions likely to improve daily operations; understand their basic functions and generally learn to use them.
  • Plan the implementation according to resources, timelines, and specific contexts.

Individual Support

Following the group session, during which you will have identified digital solutions adapted to your needs, you will have access to individual support to implement digital solutions in a way that suits your needs individually and within your organisation.

The instructor will advise you on an implementation plan, confirming or correcting the solutions you have chosen. You will learn to explore and use these programs so that you can use them comfortably.

Finally, the instructor will guide you to plan the implementation process to become more efficient, more flexible, and more productive.


Who should attend this training?

Independent artists, as well as managers working in administration, production and communication within creation and production companies, as well as services organisations.



Mickaël Spinnhirny © Sylvie-Ann Paré

 © Sylvie-Ann Paré

Following his dance career, Mickaël Spinnhirny gravitated towards presenting, communications and development practices to support artists and cultural organisations flourishing. He founded his own agency in 2017 to support creators and disseminate dance. Familiar with the challenges currently facing the sector, Spinnhirny empowers the field development, management, and communication services, and offers professional development activities and talks to democratize knowledge.



This training is offered by the Regroupement québécois de la danse. It is made possible through financial support from the Gouvernement du Québec and Compétence Culture, comité sectoriel de main-d’œuvre en culture.