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Master Plan

The Master Plan for Professional Dance in Quebec, unveiled by the Regroupement québécois de la danse on June 2, 2011, is a first, comprehensive review of the sector and all of its components, which have the potential to radically transform Quebec’s dance landscape over the next ten years. It looks at professional dance in Quebec from within and without, on a macro- and microscopic scale, using a terminology that we hope will form the basis of a common language.

The initiatives, actions and tools proposed by the Master Plan are based on some 100 recommendations adopted at the Second États généraux de la danse conference in April 2009 to address the problems, issues and challenges closely analyzed by over 200 dance practitioners during the Grands Chantiers de la danse project.

This 134-page publication, available in English and French and in various media, is a comprehensive work tool and guide to developing professional dance in Quebec based on an integrated approach. The Master Plan for Professional Dance in Quebec 2011–2021 targets five areas of expansion; sets out 17 guidelines, 86 strategies, 128 actions and 218 means; and identifies over 100 key stakeholders and partners. It offers an inside perspective on the conditions and requirements for the practice of various dance professions and, more specifically, of research-driven and original dance works, where the body is the main source and channel of inspiration. It sheds light on the internal and external workings of professional dance in Quebec, and takes stock of progress to date and what remains to be done to structure and consolidate the sector. Finally, it paves the way toward a common understanding of all facets of professional dance in Quebec.

Click here to read the Master Plan and other related documents in French. On request, RQD can also provide a print version of the document in French with an English pdf version on CD. Address your request to rqd@quebecdanse.org.