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Dancer Prize (Prix Interprète)

© Stoo Metz.

Created in 2014, as part of RQD’s 30th anniversary celebrations, the Prix de la danse de Montréal – Catégorie INTERPRÈTE présenté par le Regroupement québécois de la danse et la Caisse Desjardins de la Culture is awarded to an artist on the basis of artistic approach, interpretation quality and commitment to choreographic work and the community of dancers. It recognize publicly the performers who connect with audiences, and through whom dance takes form and comes to life on stage.

This $10,000 prize is presented during the awards ceremony held by Les Prix de la danse de Montréal (PDM) thanks to the financial contribution of RQD and the Caisse Desjardins de la Culture. The prizewinner is selected by the PDM jury.



The jury was impressed by the unifying character of the winner’s creations. According to the jury, “This great artist embodies a bridge between her people and society as a whole: she builds up sensibilities and opens up new possibilities”.

2020 – Chi Long

Prix de la danse de Montréal (PDM)’s jury praised the artist’s strength of character: “For more than 30 years, she has been captivating and has taken us places we didn’t expect. Carried by poetry, she nourishes a vital energy that inspires each of her processes. With deep humility, she transforms herself through each universe she transcends” reported the jury about the artist who particularly distinguished herself in 2019-2020 in the works Eve 2050 by Van Grimde Corps Secrets and Les corps avalés by Compagnie Virginie Brunelle.

2019 – Brianna Lombardo

«Brianna Lombardo has a quality of transcendence. She draws from the deeper layers of her being, mastering its expression. Her approach is rigorous, humble, and generous, and embodies the richness of the moment. This instinctive performer engages in a dialogue with her artistic accomplices and with audiences here and abroad. She makes art within art.» commented the PDM jury.

 © Sylvie-Ann Paré

Marie Chouinard (présidente des PDM), Brianna Lombardo, Marie-Christine Cojocaru (Caisses Desjardins de la Culture) et Fabienne Cabado (RQD) © Sylvie-Ann Paré


The PDM jury cited Louise Bédard’s subtle and nuanced performance in Tout ce qui va revient, a work by Catherine Gaudet in which she delivers a stunning solo charged with sensitivity, power and mastery. The jury went on to highlight the finesse, openness and rigour of Louise Bédard’s work as a dancer, also singling out the capacity for dialogue and collaboration she has shown over the entire course of her remarkable career. As a dancer and a choreographer known for her precise and complex writing, and as a passionate artist whose talents have stood the test of time, Louise Bédard is renowned for her depth of feeling, even with more formal signatures, and her capacity to move instantaneously from one bodily state to another.


Poetic and virtuosic dancer Manuel Roque drew notice thanks to his creative passion, richly diversified career, and the rigour and depth of his approach. He also earned the Prix du CALQ for Best Choreographic Work of the 2016-2017 season for his solo bang bang. In his acceptance speech, Mr. Roque called for an effort to slow the frantic pace of production. “The entertainment and profitability steamrollers carry disproportionate weight on the cultural scene nowadays, and insidiously, they contaminate a number of spheres in the creative space. Perhaps we could talk a little less about numbers and a little more about sensations, emotions, inspirations, aspirations, questions, and commitments,” said Roque to the 300 or so people in attendance.

The PDM jury cited Esther Gaudette’s keen sensitivity and total commitment to a path devoid of complacency, as well as the consistency of her aesthetic choices. It also singled out her great power, precision and dramatic instincts. “I can feel dance everywhere. It is action, emotion in movement, the power of the body, engagement and balance. It is fascinating and vibrant, often attaining a state of grace, which allows us to continue believing in beauty in every form,” said Esther Gaudette.


A highly experienced dancer, Sophie Corriveau has collaborated with both veteran and emerging choreographers. Through contact with others, she has invariably managed to renew her outlook and expand her range. The PDM jury recognized the longevity of her career, her ability to explore new pathways, as well as her commitment to both her practice and the community The originality of her project Nous (ne) sommes (pas) tous des danseurs also strongly impressed the jury. An intergenerational “danced roundtable”, this atypical work capped her inaugural, two-year residency at Agora de la danse. Jointly conceived by dramatist Katya Montaignac, the project brought together 17 dancers to explore issues related to the dancer’s art and profession. “I see dance as a poetic act leading to a discovery of who we are, of our sensibilities, intelligence and responsibilities towards society,” she explained. “I see it as a political act as well, one that questions our current values and encourages us to dream, to imagine.”


In brilliant fashion, this independent artist with a sterling track record has contributed to numerous creative and repertoire works, branding them with her personal stamp. The jury praised Lucie Vigneault’s charisma, versatility, precision and volcanic energy, as well as her ability to be perfectly in tune with each work. “It cannot be stressed enough that the quality of choreographic works is inextricably linked to the quality of the dancers who give it body and soul,” declared Lorraine Hébert, Executive Director of RQD. “Blazing an independent path in diverse choreographic worlds for some fifteen years, Lucie Vigneault embodies excellence in dance, an exploit that is all the more impressive given the precariousness and demands of the dancer’s profession.”


The Regroupement québécois de la danse and Caisse de la Culture were delighted to award the first-ever Prix du RQD – Interprète to Carol Prieur, an iconic dancer with the Compagnie Marie Chouinard who has built a solid reputation both at home and abroad. Carol Prieur was an obvious choice, given her exceptional stage presence, extraordinary strength and profound understanding of the body and the works she dances. The Prix du RQD – Interprète also recognizes her tireless commitment and immense generosity to the dance community and to the discipline as a whole.