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Why become a member?

15$ discount for Individual and Apprentice Members before September 1st 

The Regroupement québécois de la danse exists for—and because of—its members! Since 1984, the RQD has achieved numerous important advances for the discipline and for all those it affects on a daily basis.

By joining the organization, you are demonstrating your affiliation with the large and resplendent professional dance community. The more of us there are, the stronger our voice—the more likely we are to be heard when approaching the government and the more visibility we get in the public sphere.

Be part of the debate, of the reflections and decision-making, enrich your practice, broaden your knowledge and skills, enhance your visibility, build a network of contacts, and take advantage of the multitude of benefits offered by RQD.


> Promotion

> Professional development

> Dancer Training Support Program

> Resources

> Insurance

> Networking

> Information

> Discounts


On the Québec Danse website, an annual average of 435,000 pages views, so make the most of it!

Make yourself known via the RQD Membership Directory. Personalize your profile with an introductory text, photograph and video.

Post ads on the Bulletin Board and Agenda de la danse.

Explore all the possibilities of your member area:

  • Update your profile.
  • Renew your membership, pay your fees, register for the Training Support Program.
  • Submit press releases.

Benefit from the promotion of the discipline in the RQD’s social media.

Promote your activities to RQD members by obtaining, for a nominal fee, labels with their postal addresses.

Professional development

Enjoy priority status when registering to continuing and advanced training at a special price for RQD members.
More information (French only).

Dancer Training Support Program

Benefit from the Training Support Program! Unique financial assistance to stay in shape and be at the top of your game (partial reimbursement of training classes and intensive training sessions).

Through this program, moreover, you are covered by CNESST in the event of injury or accident occurring during supervised training not governed by a work contract.


Use the tools at your disposal to improve your working conditions and develop your skills. These documents (french only) are reserved exclusively for RQD members!

  • Répertoire de ressources spécialisées en santé (Specialized health resources directory)
    An immense contact bank to meet all your needs in acupunture, chiropractic, orthopedic surgery, nutrition, massage therapy, osteopathy, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
  • Répertoire de personnes-ressources (Consultant directory)
    Easy access to expertise in creation, interpretation, production, management, communications, marketing and broadcast.
  • Trousse contractuelle (Contract toolkit)
    Advice, references, model contracts and templates to guide the preparation and drafting of agreements between producers and dancers.


Offer your employees social protection by taking out a group insurance policy.


Take part in RQD activities and broaden your network of contacts! The Annual Meeting of members (on 12 and 13 October 2018), 5 à 7 and the various committees will allow you to meet and interact with other dance professionals.

Attend events organized by the dance sector, with which RQD is associated: Christmas Party for the dance community and LES PRIX DE LA DANSE DE MONTRÉAL.

Get in touch with us to occasionally obtain access to the contact details of RQD members.


Receive by e-mail the newsletter Québec Danse Hebdo: a wealth of information produced and compiled by RQD. With its articles, calls for projects, news wire and focus, you will be able to keep abreast of all the latest developments, issues and activities in your community. Receive also calls for action, press releases and I-Mouvance, a thematic web publication.

In addition, find RQD throughout the year on FacebookTwitterYouTube and Instagram.


Take advantage of discounts with over 90 cultural organizations, sports centres and health centres throughout Quebec: up to 50% off tickets, and from 15 to 50% off gym memberships, etc.
More information (French only).

Join the RQD!

Photo credit:
Excerpt from the video Pourquoi être membre du RQD, with Geneviève Duong. Video by Claudia Chan Tak.