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Dancer Training Support Program

The RQD Dancer Training Support Program has been helping dancers defray part of the cost of their regular training since 1994. Whether you are in a rehearsal period, a performance period, currently unemployed, the program offers direct financial assistance paid on presentation of your receipts.

  1. Check your eligibility
    Consult the terms and conditions of the Dancer Training Support Program.
  2. Make sure you are already a member of the RQD
    In order to benefit from the Dancer Training Support Program, you must be a member of the RQD. Act now to become a member or renew your membership.
    Join the RQD
  3. Register
    Please complete the form below. Attention: The form must be completed every year in order to benefit from the program.
    Submit an application for the Dancer Training Support Program
  4. Apply for reimbursements
    Complete the claim form provided to you when you registered for the program. Send it to the RQD by email or standard mail or drop it off in person, before the following dates:

    •  Friday, June 21, 2019 at 5 p.m.

Contact Diana Catalina Cardenas at 514 849-4003, extension 224.

Coverage of dancers in case of injury or accident

Since January 2006, dancers receiving support under the Dancer Training Support Program are protected by the CNESST in case of an injury or accident that occurs during supervised training not governed by a work contract.

The terms and conditions of this agreement are set out under the Regulation respecting the implementation of the Agreement on the professional dance training program.

If you sustain a work accident during supervised training and you file a claim with the CNESST, please contact Virginie Desloges as soon as possible at 514 849-4003, extension 228.

Please make sure that you complete the Event Report attached to your file. Your application will be handled in strict confidentiality.

To know the procedure to follow in case of accident, consult our health and safety resources.