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Pre-march vigor with Alanna Kraaijeveld

12:00PM to 2:00PM

Espace 215 (215 rue Jean-Talon Ouest), Montreal

Fighting Monkey Practice Zero Forms – Joint Articulations and Improvisations

Monday February 19 – Friday February 23
12pm to 2pm daily

Espace 215, 215 Jean Talon Ouest, 3rd floor

This is an open workshop for professional, pre-professional and curious movers. All are welcome.

Joint Articulations is a rooted practice comprised of movements that vary in sequence, repetition, duration, and speed. It is a form that allows us to study
– stress allowance of our unique body architecture using spirals, arches, twists, waves and bends
– the quality of mobility of our joints through multi plane, multi joint coordination patterns

– move in low level positions and employ upper body movement, to release heaviness from legs
– work qualities – light, weighted, fast, slow, accent down, accent up – and in contrast
– work different body parts (head, shoulders, sternum, spine, hips, knees, feet) in relation to, and with the whole body

The aim is to expand our physical capacity, nurture our elasticity, and release tension, move and explore with one another so we may embrace Montreal’s late winter with vigor.

$125 for full workshop or $25 per day
Registration required

Reduced rate available (-50%) through RQD
(programme soutien à l’entraînement.)

Registration and questions:

Espace 215 is equipped with wood floor. The studio is located on the third floor, accessible by stairs.

Sessions are comprised of :
Fighting Monkey Zero Forms

Joint Articulations
– Standing, on place, focused on spiral movements
– Continuous demonstration style that participants follow

– Individually explore qualitative or task-based improvisations
– Demonstration and voice provide visual and verbal cues, after which it is up to the participants to manifest each proposition
– We take our time with each proposition
– Work takes place standing as well as on the floor, and can be adapted if needed