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Post-holiday practice

1:00PM to 3:00PM
25$ par jour

Espace 215 (215 rue Jean-Talon Ouest), Montréal

Fighting Monkey Practice Zero Forms and a few movement situations

This is an open workshop for professional and curious movers. All are welcome.

Zero Forms is a rooted practice comprised of movements that vary in sequence, repetition, duration, and speed. It is a form that allows us to study
– stress allowance of our unique body architecture using spirals, arches, twists, waves and bends
– the quality of mobility of our joints through multi plane, multi joint coordination patterns.

Movement Situations: we will explore some of the classic FM practice ball movement situations

The aim is invigorate ourselves by moving with one another, and set a gentle course for our practice this new year.

Monday January 8 – Thursday January 11

1pm to 3pm daily

$100 for full workshop or $25 per day
Registration required before first day of workshop

Reduced rate available (-50%) through RQD
(programme soutien à l’entraînement.)

Registration and questions:


Espace 215 is equipped with wood floor. The studio is located on the 3rd floor, accessible by stairs.

Sessions are comprised of :

Warm up based on Fighting Monkey Zero Forms

– Standing, on place, focused on spiral movements
– Continuous demonstration style that partipants follow,

Movement Situations with FM Practice Ball

– Centered on classic practice ball situations, with a partner and in close contact
– Demonstration provides visual cues, after which it is up to the participants to manifest each proposition with a partner
– We take our time with each proposition
– Work takes place standing as well as on the floor, and can be adapted if needed