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FULL: Image//movement//image – Studio 303

9:30AM to 12:30PM
75$ - (real rate 240$)

372, rue Ste Catherine Ouest, Studio 303, Montréal

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This training is intended for artists who want to develop the use of video and learn how to transpose the quality of movement onto a screen.

The ability to create videos has become an important asset in the past two years. More and more artistic content is broadcast online, and performance opportunities have shifted, in large part, to virtual platforms. How does performance translate into images in movement? How can this living art form be transposed for the better?

This workshop invites participants to study the styles and strategies applied by filmmakers and contemporary choreographers to push back to the limits of experience in film. The differences between producing videos as documentation and creating dance videos will be examined.

Participants will be invited to explore video equipment while receiving guidance in the form of basic instructions aimed at demystifying technology. Local resources will be shared, together with detailed strategies for dealing with space, time and financing limitations.

On the program 

Each day will feature a combination of group discussions and applied body exercises. Discussions will be informed by audiovisual content projected into the studio. The physical exercises will be soft and easily adaptable, with the primary focus on exploring how the body and its movements can produce stylistic qualities in terms of framing, pacing and following.

To note

  • This training activity will be given in English, but questions may be asked in French.
  • Capacity of nine (9) participants. Priority will be given to those who are available to complete the week-long program in full.
  • Prior experience with software and video equipment is not required, but participants are encouraged to bring their own equipment.
Contact Studio 303
514 393-3771



Nina Vroemen is a self-taught filmmaker and dancer, interested in the way videography and choreography inform each other through pacing, illusions, intuition, and improvisation. After five years of working in reality TV (Discovery Channel), she began making work for her community, creating videos for dancers, artists and musicians (Tangente, Danse-Cite, Flemish Eye, Secret City Records). She is based in Tio’tia:ke / Montreal and is of settler descent. Beyond video she has a practice as an interdisciplinary artist working in projection, multimedia installations and sonic experimentation. She seeks projects that quicken the heart, that engage in critical research, ecology, sensorial inquiry and immersive fieldwork.


This training activity is offered by Studio 303, in collaboration with the Regroupement québécois de la danse. It is made possible thanks to financial support from Emploi-Québec and the Conseil de la formation continue Arts et culture de l’Île-de-Montréal.