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Corine Skaf

Corinne Skaff is a Lebanese dance artist and pedagogue. She is the founder and artistic director of La Compagnie Éphémère.

In making dance, Corinne 's interest has been revolving around Music and Movement improvisation in performance, with a  particular interest in the Ephemeral theme. She likes to embark on choreographic ventures with her students and fellow artists from various artistic backgrounds.

Her Movement practice and teaching are informed by Contact Improvisation, Contemporary dance techniques, physical theater, and somatic practice principles.  Her main interest as a pedagogue is to facilitate a holistic experience of learning: one that engages the learner physically intellectually and emotionally.

She approaches and proposes Movement as a resourceful practice of self-embodiment instead of a mere entertainment proposition. Her teaching aims at empowering the dancer on a multitude of levels, bridging the gap between the Kinetic and Aesthetic demands and philosophy underlying contemporary dance. By adopting a workshop approach and following a feminist, critical and encatment pedagogy. Her teaching fosters the dancers' agency in the choreographic process and invites students to engage in the learning process towards building safe autonomous practice habits while being part of a supportive collective learning experience.