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Monica Gan

Interprète, Chorégraphe

Monica Gan is an independent dance artist who has performed across Canada and internationally for many different choreographers including Learie McNicolls, Andrea Nann, Michael Downing, Alejandro Ronceria, Murray Darroch, Megan Andrews, Norma Araiza, Barbara Grant, Luz Marina Diaz (New York), Rosa Mei (New York), CORPUS, Kate Alton (for Volcano), Sara Porter, Lucie Gregoire, Pigeons International, Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault.  She has choreographed and self produced several works to critical acclaim, including “In Time” and “Jungle Twang” for Summer Cocktails in 1996, “Cleaning House” for the Fringe Festival of Independent Dance Artists in 2000, and the full length show "WARDROBE in 2002".  Her most recent creation was “Wind” a solo created for the Festival Accès Asie in 2005.  A former gymnast, Monica attended the School of the Toronto Dance Theatre and while there performed and toured with the Company in their production of Court of Miracles for two seasons, graduating from the professional program in 1994.  Her training also includes martial arts, having studied Shaolin Kung Fu and Yang Style Tai Chi.   

In 2000 Monica founded prn productions in order to produce quality works that entertain.  She was also a founding executive committee member for The Dance Current dance magazine, for which she still occasionally writes. She is also licensed pharmacist with a BSc Phm from the University of Toronto, and works as a pharmacist when not in the studio or on stage.