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Maria Marsli

Maria Marsli is a Montreal based artist, born in the United Kingdom with Irish and Moroccan roots. She studied Design and Fine Arts at l’École des Beaux-Arts de Marseille, in France. Maria started dancing Hip Hop at age 13 and has been dancing professionally in styles such as salsa, belly dance, Brazilian zouk, waacking, tango and contemporary.

Her first experience acting was for a musical performed in front of the Moroccan Royal Family.

She is part of an all female performance collective called "Uptown Crew", winning 2019 Frankie Fringe award for “Most Promising Local French Company” for the play “Le Venin de Jocaste”. Maria also performed an opening for Jennifer Lopez’s performance in Morocco, for the Canada Salsa Congress in 2018 as well as many music video clips and commercials.

In 2020 Maria worked with Sophie El Assaad as a dancer and actor in both her productions "Black Balloon" Portico edition 2020 Produced by Theatre Nuaj, with the support of The MAI and PWM and "Leila" presented at the Centaur’s 2021 Wildside Festival.

In 2023, Maria joined the Dance program at College Montmorency where she enrolled in a program with primarily ballet and contemporary classes.