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maribé – sors de ce corps

The company bases its activities on creations that explore how our bodies transform themselves in contact with the stage, whether or not they submit to its codes and conventions. Through a work on presence and performance, Marie Béland thinks, with the active contribution of the performers, on the impact on the viewer of an image of the body oscillating between the daily body, the «ordinary» movement, and its transformation into a living work of art. Drawing from our different uses of the body and the gestures that make up our daily lives, Marie organizes banal movement to make it danceable and complex. The scene then acts as a revealer of these troubled zones, playing with the true, the false and the plausible. Her creations approach live performance as a social and aesthetic phenomenon, an opportunity to study the transformations that our ordinary bodies undergo in contact with the stage. 

The stage is used as a platform from which the performers address themselves directly to the spectator. The result are playful works that highlight the codes of representation to better reveal them, but above all that, become a mirror of our social codes and the way in which our relations with the Other are organized. Questioning the being-in-scene becomes a way of inviting the spectator to question his own ways of being on a daily basis. Each work has a finely crafted choreographic score that values the complexity of the content and its purpose. The result is shows that have the power to reach the general public as the most neophytes, often teenagers. In addition, the company has demonstrated local and international outreach through the development of a network of diverse partners: specialized theatres, multidisciplinary, youth broadcasters, festivals, etc.