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Destins Croises

The whole philosophy of Destins Croisés lies in its name. Founded in 2003 by French-Moroccan-Canadian choreographer and dancer Ismaël Mouaraki, the Montreal-based dance company Destins Croisés brings together urban cultures and contemporary performing arts in choreographic frescoes that question the individual, society and their social and cultural issues.

If the company's philosophy and vision are inseparable from its choreographer, his personal history, and his roots in urban dance, it is by surrounding himself with a team of talented collaborators and performers with multiple expertises that Ismaël gives life to his original and unusual works.

The company


Creation is at the heart of the company's mandate. It is what allows the works in its repertoire to be constructed and brought to their full expression before the public. The process of research and creation in dance is also the epicenter of its activities and contributes to the realization of all the other objectives of its mandate.


  • To enhance and work on individuality 

  • To professionalize the dancers

  • To gather, provoke meetings around a common choreographic and artistic work 

  • Choreographic works as studies and observations 

  • Willingness to promote dance in Quebec

  • The evolution of the company and the works as witnesses of the research of quality and the representation of humanity