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Catherine Pelletier-Voyer


French Canadian artist Catherine Pelletier-Voyer explored the visual arts and social sciences before embarking on a professional journey in contemporary dance at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM). She obtained in 2019 a bachelor’s degree in contemporary dance, where she trained alongside France Bruyère (La La La Human Steps), Anne Lebeau, Parts + Labor_dance (David Albert-Toth and Emily Gualtieri) and Todd Lawrence Stone (Trisha Brown Dance Company).

In continuity with her studies in psychology and sociology, human and artistic relations are at the center of her choreographic concerns and guide her approach to interpretation. This varied academic and professional background gives her an all-encompassing perspective on the body which is reflected in her first creations Un mot tout seul comme “écho” ou “résonance” (2017), Avec pas de silence (2018) and La Théorie de la corde (2021). Her pieces have been presented at the Festival Quartiers Danses, at Passerelle 840, at the Festival le Maquis and at SOIR Hochelaga.

Catherine also cultivates her skills as a teacher and cultural mediator, among others at the UQÀM Sports Center, the City of Montreal and the Festival Quartiers Danses. In her practice as a mediator and educator, she is concerned with issues of inclusion and accessibility. Consequently, she works with a variety of audiences: children of all ages, adults, seniors and people with functional limitations.

In 2019, she joined forces with Malina Fürhoff and Stéphanie Leclair to found Tout Feu Tou Femme, a feminist dance company. Since then, she has been concerned about the challenges of democratizing dance. Catherine thus dives into dance for young audiences and performances outside theaters, in the open air for example, to give new audiences greater access to contemporary dance.