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Workshop: Minor Dramaturgies by Melmun Bajarchuu

9:30AM to 12:30PM

Studio 303, Montreal

“Minor Dramaturgies” consists of five encounters revolving around practices of creation and connection based on the knowledge of resilient bodies. It serves as a platform for colleagues, collaborators, and comrades to exchange dramaturgy and dramaturgical practices from a loving and critical perspective. The sessions are meant to create a space for mutual empowerment, providing an opportunity to explore dramaturgical practices from minor and marginalized/vulnerabilized perspectives and positioning.

This workshop intends to offer counter-narratives to the institutional understanding of dramaturgy. Dramaturgy often revolves around the realization or adaptation of textual material, maintaining established power structures, and viewing habits, which shape ways of perceiving, in terms of aesthetics and ethics. Instead, I see dramaturgy as a tool for transformative practice, emphasizing the communal nature of artistic work and enabling collective engagement in shaping its direction.