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Weathering de Faye Driscoll | FTA

56 $ / 49 $

Usine C, Montréal


There may be only one continent left on earth, or a simple raft: a platform on which little by little, ten performers’ bodies are welded together in precarious equilibrium. They enact a living sculpture, a morphing glacier, a tableau in which limbs, faces, and humanity seem to melt into rapturous languor and sensuality. Water is sprayed on their entangled flesh as if to nurture this collective body, at once strange and sublime, whose panting breath ultimately merges with that of the audience.

Somewhere between choreography and installation, Weathering is a multi-sensory performance where bodies, sounds, scents, liquids, and objects gradually become the final vestiges of our species. This stunning, radiant work by the New York based choreographer Faye Driscoll is a unique expression of both the disasters and the transformations haunting our times.

Photo Credit: Maria Baranova