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Veils of Bollywood Presents: Kathak Dance Intensive in Montreal

Semaine complète : 120$ (Tarif régulier : 150$) Drop-in: 35$

House of Actors, Montréal


From May 27 to June 31, 2024, Veils of Bollywood is thrilled to offer a comprehensive Kathak dance workshop in Montreal! We are excited to host instructor Sanjam Parashar, who holds a postgraduate degree in this classical dance form. Each day, she will delve into different aspects of Kathak, allowing participants to explore the nuances of the dance while learning about its rich history, techniques, expressions, music, and contemporary applications.

This intensive course will also provide written notes to all participants, and you’ll have the opportunity to perform a short piece at the end of the workshop.

Register today to take advantage of our early bird rates and receive a complete recording of the workshop for your future reference!


– Full week: $120 (Regular price: $150)
– Drop-in: $35


Monday: Foundations
– Introduction to Kathak: Origins and History
– Basic hand gestures (Hastak) and their meanings
– Warm-up exercises and basic steps (Tatkar)
– Introduction to Kathak spins (Chakkars)
– Introduction to the first Kathak recital piece (Tukra)
– Practice sessions focused on alignment and posture

Tuesday: Kathak Jugalbandi (Duo) and Collaboration
– Introduction to duo Kathak performances (Jugalbandi)
– Partner exercises to develop synchronization and coordination
– Practice sessions focused on communication and interaction between dancers
– Exploration of pure dance sequences (Nritya) in Kathak
– Emphasis on grace, fluidity, and precision of movements

Wednesday: Abhinaya (Expression) in Kathak
– Understanding the importance of Abhinaya in Kathak
– Introduction to facial expressions (Bhava)
– Learning a narrative Kathak piece (Katha)
– Embodying emotions through gestures and expressions
– Practice sessions focused on effectively conveying stories

Thursday: Music and Composition in Kathak
– Introduction to Kathak music and rhythms (Tabla Bols)
– Understanding rhythm (Taal) in Kathak
– Basics of rhythmic improvisation (Laya)
– Composing a Kathak piece integrating music and dance
– Understanding the relationship between dance and music in Kathak
– Introduction to various technical pieces in Kathak and their variations over time

Friday: Culmination and Performance
– On the last day, students will be encouraged to create something new using everything they have learned during the previous days
– Final rehearsal and refinement of workshop pieces
– Workshop presentation: students perform pieces learned during the workshop
– Feedback and discussion on individual performances

Optional informal presentation of the work on Saturday at 3 PM

Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding and proficiency in Kathak dance with expert guidance from Sanjam Parashar. Join us for a week of learning, exploration, and performance at the Veils of Bollywood’s Kathak Dance Intensive.