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UNARMOURED by Clara Furey | FTA

46 $

Usine C, Montréal


In an echoing garden, bodies vibrate to the rhythm of luminous sound waves. Urgent desires are triggered by their peculiar forms. In UNARMOURED, Clara Furey and her collaborators reclaim their right to eroticism on their own terms, the body as a site of cosmic allegiance, sensual and liberated. Joy is pursued without shame.

In a dance both physical and existential, Furey—a choreographer of immense talent blessed with a keen musical ear—constructs a polyphonic architecture of pleasure. Through physical exploration revolving around the properties of water, she fills the stage with the immensity of an inner sea that embraces and gathers what was previously sundered. Emerging from fluid, carnal chaos, UNARMOURED unfolds in waves that evoke the transformative emotional power of the infinite.

Photo Credit: Kinga Michalska