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TransFormation | Workshop with Roser López Espinosa

10:00AM to 1:30PM
9$ de l'heure



Workshop description

The work of Roser López Espinosa is based on a strong physicality, with great passion for precision, delicacy, acrobatic elements and detail. Collaboration and teamwork go hand in hand within a vital and playful physical universe, with refined poetics and a touch of humour.

This workshop proposes a movement approach from the basis of an articulated and creative body. We will take advantage of the rich movement capacity of the spine as a motor, to search on curves, spirals, twists, ripples and combined undulating movements. We will pay special attention to the functional use of our anatomy for the maximum potential of movement. We will go through ground practices, rolls, simple acrobatic movements, jumps and glides. We will investigate the combination of supports and weight transfers that, through observation, listening and activation of physical reflexes, will progressively unfold from initial subtle moves to paths of greater complexity. And we will put into practice the use of different eye ranges, detail, precision and playfulness. We can create a singular and meaningful movement vocabulary when we find our own sources: what moves us from within and how we connect to our physical imagination.