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Mentoring in digital content production for the performing arts – CQT




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  • By appointment : February-March 2024

The general objective of this mentoring is to support and strengthen the skills of the participants in the production of digital content in connection with a professional stage approach.



  • Clearly identify the nature of the digital production project and make sure to use the right terminology and the right digital concepts.
  • Fine-tune a budget that involves hardware and technology teams.
  • Carefully plan a timeline for integration, experimentation and technology residencies.
  • Identify the right collaborators in connection with its specific project.
  • Identify the right funding strategies.

Who can benefit from this training?

Performing artist with a professional production approach, artistic directors of live arts production companies, conceptor or designer wishing to propose performative projects.



Prior to the mentoring, submit to the mentor a summary description of a digital production project with a view to creation, production, distribution or grant application.

Types of projects accepted :

  • Audiophonic work, audio broadcast or podcast
  • Live or deferred audiovisual webcasting
  • Teleperformance
  • Multi-camera capture or film adaptation
  • Multimedia processing in creation or distribution using videomapping, tracking or electroacoustic patching software


Nicolas Berzi is a researcher-creator in the performing arts and in interdisciplinarity, director, author, playwright, audiovisual designer and producer, Nicolas Berzi has been developing collective, hybrid and technological stage writing for more than fifteen years.

During this professional artistic career, Nicolas Berzi devoted himself to doctoral research-creation on the staging, the unplayable and the network of cowork in the processes of interdisciplinary and technological scenic creations. In September 2020, he defends with excellence his thesis-creation where he will have created a new methodology of scenic composition to organize, archive and partition an interdisciplinary approach, integrating digitization devices with traditional models of scenic writing.

Both in his doctoral and postdoctoral research-creations, his creative laboratories and his professional productions, Nicolas Berzi is fully dedicated to the deployment of hybrid practices and the integration of new media into the writing of traditional scenes.



Contact Anne-Marie Lanthier
Professional Development Manager
514 268-1623


This training program, offered by the Conseil québécois du théâtre (CQT) in collaboration with the Conseil de la formation continue Arts et culture de l’Île-de-Montréal (CFC), the Regroupement de pairs des arts indépendants de recherche et d’expérimentation (Repaire) and the Regroupement québécois de la danse (RQD), is made possible thanks to the financial support of the Quebec government, through the Intervention-Compétences program administered by Compétence Culture.

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