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6:30PM to 10:00AM

Ecstatic Temple, Montréal


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Sensation. Desire. Safety. Guidance. Deshaming. Intention. Vitality. Instinct. We need more spaces to share embodied practices that bring us into our soft and vital power. For people who are curious and ready to learn more about life through a stronger, intimate connection to their bodies, I give you THROB.

Part class, part self-led practice. In the first half, Certified S3xolgocial Bodyworker Gerard X Reyes will teach 1 element of sensuality (breath, touch, sound, movement or other) that you will explore as a group simultaneously, or with a partner. This will create a space of connection and safety in the group because our mind-body will be given time to relax and become more curious. Then in the second half, we will move into solo practice (self-touch and dance) to a range of upbeat and chill music, where you’ll get to apply what you learned that day and focus on your desire, as a way to listen more deeply to your bodily instincts and build more vitality from within.

Class and practice will be 1 hour and 45 minutes combined.



I am a queer, non-binary, Uruguayan-Canadian educator and artist. I trained in S3xological Bodywork (aka Somatic S3xual Education and bodywork) with Deej and Uma of the Institute of Somatic S3xology in Australia. I am trauma-informed and have 25 years of embodied experience as a dancer. I have trained in somatics (yoga, feldenkrais, qi gong, meditation, continuum) and have offered classes in Canada and Europe as a teacher of vogue and somatic s3xology. Also, I pioneered the Kiki Ballroom scene (voguing) in Montreal after returning from New York City where I studied with the world’s most iconic voguers.

I am passionate about co-creating spaces and practices that bring people together and support one another. These practices are imagined by queer/trans humans but available to everybody. With THROB, I am hoping to welcome people of all genders, bodies, and orientations. There is no prior experience necessary in somatics, sensuality or dance, just an open mindedness, kindness and respect towards self and others. Since this is a practice that aims to deshame, all levels of dress/undress is possible in the practice portion of the event.




Wednesdays nights from 6:30-8:15pm :

Feb 7, Feb 21, Feb 28, March 6, March 20

Thursday mornings from 10am-11:45am :

Feb 15, March 14, March 28



“Ecstatic Temple”

5505 Iberville (between Masson and Rosemont)

Loft #236

Montréal, H2G 2B2




Classes are open to all but to ensure safety for the group please send me a message at least 24 hours before your first class to let me know you would like to attend. This allows me to know who is attending. After your first class or If you are already a client of mine, you can just sign up and pay online.



for Wednesday night class: https://GerardXReyes.as.me/wednesday

for Thursday morning class: https://GerardXReyes.as.me/thursday



👘 comfortable clothes to move in

🧘‍♀️ your own yoga mat (for comfort, hygiene, and to help define the private/public space). Cushions are available at the studio

🍼 a water bottle

🍯🧰🪛 all accessories and pleasure products are welcome (noisy ones for short periods)



🚸 At the start of the course, simple instructions will be mentioned to ensure everyone’s safety

🎩 For the class portion, all participants will be fully clothed

👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏼 You may be asked to work with a partner but you do not need to arrive with someone. All exercises are consent-based and will require negotiating. You can also choose to do the exercises alone

👙🦵 For the solo practice portion (self-touch and dance), all states of dress/undress are possible

🧿 The focus is on your internal desire rather than the habitual external attraction we are used to. So sustained eye contact or cruising is not the vibe here. Gerard will monitor this to make sure the space feels safer for all

⭕️ We practice on our individual mats in a circle, and the middle space is for dancing

📡 Gerard will hold space throughout and is always available in case a concern or question should arise



If you have a low income or in financial difficulty and would like to attend, please reach out. See below.

The loft is on the second floor and access is by stairs only. My apologies.

Class will be taught in English and French.


Message me on here OR on Instagram @gerardxreyes OR email me at gerardxreyes@gmail.com. My preference is IG or email.