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Télé-Québec – A televisual incursion for Ballets Jazz Montréal



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On Saturday, January 29, Télé-Québec will present Mélodies perdues, a televised work inspired by the show Vanishing Mélodies, created by Ballets Jazz Montréal. This contemporary ballet offers an incursion into Patrick Watson’s dreamlike musical work by mixing dance, theater and video.

Conceived and directed by Eric Jean, Vanishing Melodies had its world premiere on November 2 at Théâtre Maisonneuve in Montreal. The show, choreographed by Juliano Nunes and Anne Plamondon, featured the 14 dancers from BJM, as well as actress Brigitte Saint-Aubin.

The television version uses the same cast as the live show, but the choreography and staging were shot in places where it is rare to see dance, such as in a forest, on a lake, on the side of the road or in a city parking lot.

The show will be available on the Télé Québec website.

On TV | Saturday, January 29 at 21 h
Replay | Sunday January 30 at 21 h