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Swan Lakes – Gauthier Dance

Inspired by the famous *Swan Lake*, three world-renowned contemporary choreographers along with the 16 dancers of Gauthier Dance have reinterpreted this pillar of romantic ballet.

For this bold project, choreographer and artistic director Éric Gauthier granted carte blanche to his favorite choreographers to create their own versions of the legendary ballet. Cayetano Soto, Marie Chouinard, and Hofesh Shechter each take turns claiming *Swan Lake*, shaking it up and subverting its beauty in their own way, with their interpretations being mysterious, radical, and explosive, respectively.

The unique signatures of Soto, Chouinard, and Shechter shine through, set to music of their choosing by Peter Gregson, Louis Dufort, and Hofesh Shechter himself, whether inspired by or diverging from Tchaikovsky’s celebrated work. The audience will experience a night of shocks and contrasts: those fond of billowing tutus and romantic moonlight, beware!