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Summer Training with Trip The Light Fantastic

10:00AM to 5:00PM

Espace 215 (215 rue Jean-Talon Ouest), Montreal

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During our two-week creative residence, we will have class from 10-11:30 taught by Kyra Jean Green and one other member of TTLF every day. Classes will range from contemporary ballet, improvisation, conditioning, contemporary urban, and modern. From 11:45-5:00 pm, we will explore and create a new choreography. Students will experience what it is like to create in a company setting and sharpen their memorization and endurance skills. During this exploration, we will practice new systems of improvisation, movement phrases, and explore the creative process. This will then lead to the construction of a choreographic work. The work created will be filmed and live-streamed at the end of the second week. Come dance with local dancers, make contacts in the dance milieu, and enjoy dancing in person!