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SOLARIS show, Veils of Bollywood

7:30PM to 8:15PM
Regular rate 28$, reduced rate (artists and students): 23$

Auditorium du Collège Vanier, Montréal


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Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a breathtaking journey through the cosmos. Veils of Bollywood is proud to present “SOLARIS” a cultural experience where the magic of Bollywood dance meets the mysteries of the universe.

SOLARIS” is a celebration of the power of dance, cultures, and community. It’s a visual feast that combines the timeless elegance of Indian classical and folk dances with the energetic, contemporary spirit of Bollywood, all while exploring the infinite wonders of the cosmos. The experience is a tribute to the universal language of dance and the boundless creative curiosity of the human spirit.



Choreography, Artistic Direction, and Lighting: Rameez Karim
Production and Dramaturgy: Sofia El Iraki
Scenography: Jassinth Thiagarajah


Guest Artists:

Bijuriya – Gabriel Dharmoo
Param Nrithyalaya Bharatanatyam School – Deepa Nallappan
Collectif Épicentre – Sofia El Iraki
Ahmed Soroko
Veils of Bollywood Performers:
Chanel Cheiban
Jassinth Thiagarajah
Marie-Laurence Deschênes
Ngoné Gueye
Rameez Karim
Sofia El Iraki
Song Wang
Virushigaa Srikumar
With the participation of Studio Bizz students