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Show: Shakti Rising – Honouring Our Stories

7:15PM to 9:00PM

Quai 5160 – Maison de la culture de Verdun, Montreal


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Shakti Rising – Honouring Our Stories explores the cultural, political and spiritual aspects surrounding the life cycles of two women represented by Mother Earth. This powerful story is a unique collaboration of Indian and aboriginal dance and music.

Five dance pieces highlight ancestral knowledge, profound life experiences and issues relating to marginalized and indigenous communities. This cross-cultural, multilingual artistic performance follows the courageous journey of two women represented by the creative energies of Shakti and Sky Woman.

A collaborative and profound exploration depicts stories of feminine resistance and wisdom with style and dynamism. Dancing through times of joy, challenge, hardship and triumph, a path of solidarity, hope and love is created.

We invite audiences to join us on this heartfelt journey of Honoring our Stories.

Shakti Reborn – Honoring Our Stories was created and directed by Indian dancer Amrita Choudhury and produced by Amrita Dance Creations, in collaboration with Aboriginal artist Barbara Diabo. Joining them are musicians Pedro Diaz, Raja Bhattacharya, Christophe Cinq, Jhalak Choudhury and dancer Charo Foo Tai Wei.

Info: https://www.amritadancecreations.com/shaktirising