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Rinse by Amrita Hepi | FTA

42 $

Théâtre rouge du Conservatoire d'art dramatique, Montréal


What is it about the beginning that remains intoxicating? The persistent lust for the initial thrill of a romance, scene, theory, relationship, meal, country — the opening lines. Through movement, text and choreography, Rinse identifies the multiple beginnings that take place to form part of a whole. As Amrita Hepi explores the living archive contained in her body, the thrill of the new gives way to inertia, and beginnings subtly turn into endings. Philosophical and political, expert and ordinary, factual and intimate, measured and explosive, Hepi’s brilliant solo work weaves together a wide array of stories, rhythms, and dance techniques.

A dancer and choreographer of Bundjalung (Australia) and Ngāpuhi (Aotearoa/New Zealand) descent, whose work is known and celebrated from Oceania to America, Hepi becomes an essayist, exploring dance as a source of memory and resistance with playful wit and style.