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Pilates Reformer Instructor Training

formule tout inclus 2270$

Studio Équilibre, Montreal


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Reformer AMP Training

In the Reformer AMP training, participants will learn to safely and effectively guide beginner clients. The training will cover how to progress clients towards intermediate levels while maintaining core stabilization and breathing techniques learned at the beginner level.

Finally, participants will learn to challenge intermediate and advanced clients by enhancing their ability to activate both deep and superficial muscles. This involves teaching intense and intelligent exercises that help balance musculature and promote overall well-being.

The Ann McMillan Method

The Ann McMillan Pilates Method training offers a comprehensive learning experience that includes both classical and contemporary Pilates, providing a full perspective of the method’s possibilities. Key topics include movement analysis, safety, identifying common errors, and the use of imagery to facilitate the execution of exercises. The integration of theory and practice during teaching labs and theoretical lectures creates a dynamic and engaging learning environment.