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Pilates Mat Instructor Training

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Studio Équilibre, Montréal


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AMP Mat Training

The AMP Mat training journey begins with learning the Principles of the method, as well as pre-Pilates exercises for deconditioned individuals and beginners. It progresses with the study of intermediate exercises and the fundamentals of pedagogy and class composition in Pilates, informed by current knowledge in the field of movement science.

The course then moves on to advanced exercises and principles for adapting the method for specific groups, such as pregnant women, athletes, those with osteoporosis, and individuals with reduced mobility. The culmination of the training involves integrating accessories such as balls, magic circles, and rollers into Pilates exercises.

The Ann McMillan Method

The Ann McMillan Pilates Method training offers an education in both classical and contemporary Pilates, providing a comprehensive overview of the method’s capabilities. Key areas covered include movement analysis, safety, identifying common mistakes, and using imagery to facilitate exercise execution. The blending of theory and practice during teaching labs and theoretical presentations creates a dynamic and engaging learning environment, enhancing the overall learning experience for aspiring Pilates instructors.