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MOMENTUM livestream – On the MOVE / danseTRANSIT 2022

11:00AM to 3:00PM

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on the MOVE / danse TRANSIT (OTM / DT) is a dynamic career planning and networking program designed specifically for dancers entering professional careers.

Presented by the Dancer Transition Resource Centre (DTRC) in collaboration with regional and national arts service organizations, on the MOVE / danse TRANSIT welcomes emerging dancers into the professional dance community, and provides them with the skills, resources and networking opportunities they need to make an inspired and informed transition into the profession.

on the MOVE / danse TRANSIT 2022 features:

  • Free access
  • English and French simultaneous translation
  • ASL, captioning and accessibility options upon request
  • Livestream Panel discussions
  • Digital career skills workshops
  • Introduction to Community Organizations
  • and more …

Learn valuable skills, discover resources and make new connections with dancers of all forms!

Join Us!


MOMENTUM Livestream

Panels on Inclusion, Mental Wellness & Post-Covid Dance Careers

Friday, Feb. 4, 11am-3pm Eastern; 8am-12pm Pacific

The Work Goes On: Fostering Inclusion through Success Stories & Next Steps

Over the past year and a half, the dance sector has renewed its focus on equity, diversity and inclusion – with varying levels of commitment and action. Our panel of artists/speakers will share recent experiences of positive change in the field from their own professional contexts. Let’s understand what’s working and build on this momentum – to keep making the necessary changes toward a more inclusive dance future for all.

Real Talk about Mental Wellness

Hear from experts about some of the common mental health stressors for dancers in these times. Learn how to recognize signs and symptoms of mental strain and suffering in yourself and others. Pick up some effective strategies for maintaining your well-being.

Making a Living: Post-Covid Dance Careers

Flexibility, adaptability, creativity and presence. Hallmarks of a dance artist, these skills are also essential in crafting a viable career. Discover how our panel of artists/speakers have built multidimensional and rewarding professional pathways in dance. Hear about their experiences during the “pandemic pivot” and what new possibilities they see emerging in the field. Plus, learn some strategies for achieving balance, stability and resilience in your dance life.

CAREER SESSIONS: Digital Instructional Workshops via Zoom

Session #1: You & Your Work: Building Your Artistic Portfolio

Sunday, Feb. 13, 1-2pm Eastern, 10-11am Pacific

Who are you? What makes your work distinct? Develop the necessary elements for a solid online presence: define your values, draft an artist statement, choose a platform and align your digital identity with your work. Bio, CV, images, compilation reel, socials …?

Session #2: Planning a Project: Costs & Content

Sunday, Feb. 27, 1-2pm Eastern, 10-11am Pacific

What, Where, When, Why, How? (And how much do you pay yourself?) Tackle the key questions you need to answer BEFORE you start a project. Understand the core elements of a grant application and the starting points for an effective project budget.

Session #3: Empower Yourself: Contracts & Contract Negotiation

Sunday, Mar. 13, 1-2pm Eastern, 10-11am Pacific

When do you need a contract and why? It’s all about clarity and transparency. Know your rights and responsibilities, contract must-haves, how to negotiate and what to do if something goes wrong. Learn where to find templates and guidance.

Session #4: Community Care: Making Safer Studio Spaces

Sunday, Mar. 27, 1-2pm Eastern, 10-11am Pacific

Look beyond the physical aspects. What do safer spaces feel like and how can we create them? How do you recognize an unsafe space and what can you do about it? Centre your working values, establish your own safer space practices and learn about community agreements.