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Théâtre Aux Écuries, Montréal (Québec)


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Don’t miss this show written by author Tamara Nguyen. MAELSTRÖM is a dystopia where laughter, tragedy, and the absurd coexist. In line with the company’s other productions, Annie Ranger, co-director of Théâtre I.N.K., directs a staging that integrates movement and dance at the heart of theatrical interpretation.

Marylin-euh is invited to join a group that belongs to a very particular world, one that is very difficult to integrate into. This community lives in an amusement park where intense activities serving as outlets follow one another. Marylin-euh initially refuses to participate, resists, and questions the park’s rules, which follow no logic.

Through scenes that are nevertheless comical, a pre-apocalyptic universe slowly emerges. Marylin-euh’s participation in the community’s activities will confront David Emmanuel, Marilyn, and Maxime-Olivier, who must each in their own way rediscover the meaning of it all. The play highlights our ability to have genuine fun, to cope in this period of our evolution where humans are called to ask themselves a thousand existential and planetary questions while giving the impression of being perfectly happy all the time.