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Les danses de mai

7:00PM to 8:30PM



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After three years of intensive training, on the threshold of their entry into the professional world, the graduating students of École de danse contemporaine de Montréal will be featured in Les danses de mai, opus 2024, under the direction of Lisa Davies.

On this occasion, the 2024 cohort will present two works: Black Moon : revisited by Montreal-born choreographer Dorotea Saykaly, now based in Europe, whose piece was named one of the six Sadler’s Wells International Dance Prize 2024 finalists; and Ohad Naharin’s iconic Minus 16, remounted in a unique and gracious collaboration with the EDCM. Learning these two repertory pieces has been an exceptional opportunity for these young performers to develop their artistic skills and become complete and versatile performing artists.


Minus 16 by Ohad Naharin
A favourite in the repertoire of countless renowned companies throughout the globe. Created in 1999, Naharin’s seminal piece Minus 16 features eclectic music ranging from Dean Martin to mambo, and from techno to traditional music. It removes the barrier between its performers and the audience with elements of unpredictability and fun. The dancers explore improvisation within the work, and in preparation the cast trained with Gaga, Naharin’s movement language.

BLACK MOON : revisited by Dorotea Saykaly
In a mythical sci-fi universe, fourteen Beings embark on a quest for light while having to accept comfort in darkness. Oscillating between togetherness and solitude their odyssey explores our relationship to faith at life’s inevitable end. The storytelling and image making is fueled by contrasts as the Beings navigate through ease and desperation, gravity and weightlessness, brokenness and fluidity. Each Being embodies facets of human nature and together they form an inseparable alliance to traverse through a universe of darkness and celestial wonders.

Creative team

• Director of production: Nicolas Labelle
• Creation and performance advisor: Isabelle Poirier
• Lighting Design: Thomas Godefroid
• Costume Design: Ève-Lyne Dallaire, Jonathan Saucier
• Staging assistance for Minus 16: Sarah Gibson, Kyle Scheurich


• Graduating dancers: Rosalie Boivin, Gabrielle Bouchard, Léa Boudreault, Julianna Bryson, Ambre Dupuis, Jean-François Gilède, Tom Godefroid, Clodie Lambert, Rosalie Lamoureux, Charlotte Mégardon, Manon Scialfa, Jules Talavera, Alex Turcotte, Anna Vauquier
• Second-year dancers for Minus 16: Clara Biernacki, Iban Bourgoin, Oly Dion, Ludovic Germain-Thivierge, Ezra Guerrier, Alice Larrière, Michelle Lucero Moris, Kate Manns, Jane Millette, Apolline Saulnier, Hortense Sierka, Clara Truong, Clara Urquhart


• Show in theatre: May 22 to 25, 7 pm
• Webcast show: Live Webcast on May 25th at 7 pm | Repeat Webcast from May 27 to June 2nd inclusively
Graduation Ceremony: Free live webcast on May 25, after the performance (more info to come)

Rates (prices include taxes)

• Show in theatre: $22
• Webcast show: $10 for one person (1 link) | $15 for 2 people and more (1 link)
One ticket provides a unique, non-transferable viewing link. The box-office will send you the webcast link by email (please check the spams!).