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L’Écho des Racines

7:30PM to 3:00PM
Régulier : 35 $ Artistes / Membres du RQD : 30 $ / Étudiant·e et aîné·e : 25 $ / Enfants : 10 $

Théâtre Aux Écuries - Montréal, Montréal


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L’Écho des Racines is a choreographic project born from a fruitful dialogue between flamenco and Quebecois jig. Bringing together eight skilled dancers and musicians, the work explores the implicit connections between these two traditions while questioning the boundaries that define them in time and space. On stage, the performers evolve within a network of yarn that gradually transforms through their interactions. Inspired by an underground phenomenon observed in forests, the yarn symbolizes the hyphae (roots of mushrooms), which allow trees to communicate over long distances through their roots via mycorrhiza. Like mushrooms, L’Écho des Racines poetically illustrates, in a contemporary approach, the perpetual mutation of traditional forms nourished by an infinity of connections, influences, and experiences.


Choreography: Sarah Bronsard

Performers and musicians: Olivier Arseneault, Sarah Bronsard, Thierry Clouette, Henry Garf, Dâvi Simard, Antoine Turmine, Alexandra Templier, Rocio Vadillo

Lighting: William Couture

Photos: Vitor Munoz