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Invisible : 72 hours of performance ongoing

Ariane Boulet, Charles Brécard, Rachel Harris, Emmanuel Jouthe, Luce Lainé, Abe Simon Mijnheer, Caroline Namts, Charlie Prince, Silvia Sanchez et Zoë Vos in Invisible, by Aurélie Pedron | Lilith&Cie.

May 2022, 26 – 5 pm to 29 – 5 pm.
at LAVI – Laboratoire Arts Vivants et Interdisciplinarité
A co-presentation with OFFTA
A co-production with Montréal Danse and Lilith&Cie

Over the course of 72 hours, Invisible creates a shared celebratory space inviting the audience, 10 performers to play, exchange and connect. In joyous complicity, spectators are called to experience the continuum of time and nourish the work’s transformation through different interventions.

Creation collaborators :
Kevin Pinvidic, Chantal Labonté, Hugo Dalphond, Alexandre Burton, Kathy Casey

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