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Introduction to Continuum: The Art of Being Fluid

10:00AM to 3:00PM

5333 rue Casgrain, #1107, Montréal


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Continuum is a unique somatic approach that acknowledges the primacy of the fluid system and the depth of healing that comes when we engage the fluids. Explore breath, vocalized sound and biological movement, which like water, spirals, spreads, pulsates and undulates. In a state of attentive presence let unfold the fluid movement you are. These internal movements and felt-sensations will begin to organize and re-organize in new and unexpected ways. To engage with our fluid nature in this manner, is to stimulate our body’s capacity for self-regulation and well-being. This practice is a refreshing resource that informs our personal, physical and relational life, our creative activities and in general, our perception of the world in which we live.

Registration in advance required due to limited space. rabin.linda@videotron.ca

This Introduction prepares participants for all other Continuum classes and workshops offered.