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Floreus de Sébastien Provencher | FTA

The chapel of Cité-des-Hospitalières is adorned with flowers for an unexpected ceremony. Six performers make these floral beauties their partners in sensual play. Their movements embody the textures, scents, and metamorphoses, from bud to decay. In dialogue with the environment, they lead the audience into a Garden of Eden to the sound of live music. An ode to an eroticism full of tenderness, a call to reconnect with the sacred dimension of nature, “Floreus” awakens the senses and opens minds.

Montreal choreographer Sébastien Provencher contributes to ongoing reflections on representations of queer bodies, power dynamics, and our relationship with everything non-human. He thus explores an eco-somatic approach and draws inspiration from the sumptuous representations of flowers by renowned Canadian artist Zachari Logan for his first collaboration with a visual artist. Deliciously unsettling.

Photo credit: Sébastien Provencher