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Film screening L’Art en vues – Maguy Marin’s May B at Théâtre Outremont

This Sunday May 22 at 4pm, attend L’Art en vues with the screening of May B by Maguy Marin, directed by David Mambouch! Co-presented with Danse Danse

Maguy Marin’s May B is loosely based on the work of Samuel Beckett. With her ten performers with clay-coated bodies, May B captures a humanity of the poor, the old, the exiles, whose bodies are at the antipodes of all classical and idealized representations of the dancing body. Mankind at its most fragile and most moving, pursuing its endless journey for whatever reason, persists against all odds in the very bosom of an imminent end of the world. It’s over, it’s over, it’s going to end, maybe it will end are the words that open and end the show – but May B doesn’t seem like it’s about to end it yet. Forty years and eight hundred performances later, the play continues to bring these dusty beings to life, to bring this ragged humanity back and forth that will never stop passing.