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Being Future Being: Inside/Outwards d’Emily Johnson/Catalyst | FTA

Celebrated for her multifaceted choreographic work, Yup’ik artist Emily Johnson crafts performances-gatherings. At the heart of these gatherings lie Indigenous knowledges, practices for reimagining the world, and the sovereignty of communities, territory, and more-than-human families. Summoning the joy of the present and the power of creation, “Being Future Being” shapes an auditory, visual, and ancestral landscape of Indigenous potency.

Featuring an exceptional cast and a resonant soundtrack, designed in collaboration with Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Raven Chacon, “Being Future Being” unfolds beyond the stage to become a portal, a procession of care, and a site of transformation. By (re)constructing our ways of understanding the forces that gave birth to the world, “Being Future Being” invites the audience to participate in the creation of a radically just and Indigenized future, to nurture now and for generations to come.

Photo credit: Gema Galiana