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AMOUR, ACIDE ET NOIX de Daniel Léveillé

7:00PM to 8:00PM
29 $ 35 $

Agora de la danse - Édifice Wilder, Montréal


Three nights, a single opportunity to see Daniel Léveillé’s work created 23 years ago and shown all over the world, leaving an everlasting imprint on its path.

Brought back as an encore, this work premiered at Agora de la danse in 2001. Some books leave an indelible mark, some music you can’t get enough of, some films you just want to rewatch again and again. The opportunity to witness once again the creation of such an enthralling dance piece is a rarity. Four dancing bodies reveal what nestles beneath the strangely opaque skin. Amour, acide et noix speaks of loneliness, but also and above all of the infinite tenderness of touch amidst the harshness of life. Daniel Léveillé offers nudity as the only alternative to a reading of the body. The figure in its simplest form.