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Intuitive Body avec Zebastián Méndez et Lívia Balážová [en ligne]

10h00 à 12h00
20$/jour membres — 40$/jour non-membres

Maison pour la danse, Québec

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Cette classe en ligne s’adresse à tout public! Elle se déroulera dans le studio C de la Maison pour la danse, dans lequel un système vidéo sera mis en place pour établir le lien entre Lívia, Zebastián et les participant·e·s.

Pour s’inscrire, contactez Léa via inscriptions@larteredanse.ca

Cet atelier est déployé en collaboration avec Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique.


The intuitive body is a movement practice that is born from the premise that we all have intuition, defined as the ability to obtain and store new knowledge without reason, that is, that our most instinctive and profound part also learns.

It could be inferred that our unconscious never stops learning, and if it does, it is best to train it next to the body, so that the subconscious processes accumulate valuable information and reactions in a pertinent way to the constant bombardment of stimuli that is presented to us day with day.

The workshop takes place in a playful environment full of action resolution scenarios where reflections, precision, connection with the center of the body mediate the possibility of reacting to several stimuli at the same time. We explore the calmness within a chaotic environment, the development of the relegated senses, and imagination as fundamental tools for the development of personal abilities.

We invite participants to become masters of their own technique through active exploration of their intuition.

— Improve the physical and creative abilities of participants.
— Generate in those who participate a more authentic proprioception.
— Reduce injuries caused by stress and unnecessary load of muscle groups.
— Provide creative tools to stay focused and relaxed while coming to the understanding that concentration does not involve stress, and relaxation does not mean lack of action.
— Promote values such as tolerance, empathy, respect, teamwork, generosity, perseverance, responsibility, industriousness and honesty through games and exercises developed in a playful and horizontal environment.

Colectivo Priekopník Veverička

We are a collective focused on contemporary scenic art, which seeks to break the stereotypical vision of the roles of interpreter and spectator in the scenic act, as well as transform the artistic practice through the pedagogy of movement and performing arts.

We focus on pushing the boundaries of creation and professional artistic praxis, leaving aside academic labels and privileging human principles such as empathy, respect and the ability to reach agreements that celebrate the beauty of diversity.

We develop our workshops from two approaches: The practice of movement and the creative process.
We have a repertoire of original scenic productions, as well as collaborations with a variety of creators, directors and groups around the world.

We promote new creations through processes of personalized feedback for artists and scholarships for their development.

We are interested in collaborations with creative projects in other areas such as theoretical physics, robotics, music, visual arts, sports and martial arts, to name a few examples.

© photo : Adrian Coto