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Formation – Self-memorialization and other impermanence engagement by keyon gaskin

10h00 à 12h00
20$/jour (membres) — 40$/jour (non-membres)


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☞ Cette activité n’étant pas réalisée en studio sous la supervision de L’Artère, la personne qui participe à l’activité le fait à ses risques et périls et dégage L’Artère de toute responsabilité en matière de santé et sécurité.


  • 20$/demi-journée (membres)
  • 40$/demi-journée (non-membres)

Cet atelier est déployé en collaboration avec Studio 303.

self-memorialization and other impermanence engagement
the plan is to openly explore death in its complexity from the heavy, sensitive, sacred, earnest, shameful, violent aspects to the celebratory, release, ecstatic, unknowable, ubiquitous, peaceful, inevitable and things in between and beyond. this is a space to discuss, research, share and consider international death practices — our own mortality personally, culturally and as a species — the ways death influences us — how we think about, deal with, prepare for dying… we will engage this material through talking, movement, writing, sound, laughing, eating and making together. although this is a space where we will attempt to respect and care for one another and discover or deal with deep issues relating to death; this is NOT intended to be a therapeutic experience. i am not a mental health professional but am offering this experience because i am interested in the subject matter and learning and exploring this with others and feel i have the emotional, energetic and spiritual capacity to hold space for this and believe that a more engaged, wholistic and thoughtful relationship to our impermanent experience can be fulfilling and generative in our lives / art. i ask that before you sign up for this workshop you do some reflecting to make sure that you are able and willing to share space with others where we are unabashedly exploring and sharing practices, concepts and personal stories related to death.
keyon gaskin
keyon gaskin prefers not to contextualize with their credentials.