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Cours de freeform/brukup avec The Ghost of New York

15h00 à 18h00

Studio Caravane - Montréal, Montréal


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Albert Junito Esquilin Jr. is coming all the way from Brooklyn, to share with us 20 years of body mastery.

Better known as “the Ghost of Newyork”, he is a pioneer of a hiphop/dancehall dance style called “ Brukup” created by Gorge Adams (Originator) in Jamaica. Ghost is known for his signature move the ghostwalk and pivot stepping (Brukup footwork).

He's name was featured in NEW YORK TIMES magazine.

His the co-founder of the L.O.U.D. League of Unreal Dancing battle in Brooklyn. He was featured in the award-winning movie Lords of BSV. He also trained R&B celebrity artist OMARION.

Other credits include : Elton John, Tanisha Scott, Joey badass, The Rza, etc.

Brukup is a fully original style based of your own movements developed into raw animation and discipline over your entire body and personal self mastery.

For who?
Street style and contemporary dancers. Theater, contortionist and circus artists. Any performing artist with body awareness.

$35 until Mars 01, midnight!
$45 from Mars 02, until the day!

Password: Ghost