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Taylor Yeung

Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor

Also known as Tales, Taylor has been dancing her whole life. While growing up in Hong Kong, she has had many years of classical ballet training and some exposure to urban dance, such as hip hop and jazz funk. Having moved to Montreal in 2012, she began training in a variety of urban dance styles and eventually integrated into the Montreal street dance community. She eventually found her love for whacking/waacking and hustle, which were taught mainly by Axelle “Ebony” Munezero and Yvon “Crazy Smooth” Solgo respectively.

Taylor continues to pursue her passion for these two dance styles till this day, pushing her art and developing her skills through learning from the previous generations as well as her peers. She has performed in a number of shows, participated in many competitions (as a competitor and as a judge), and has taught hustle workshops internationally. Given that both hustle and whacking/waacking were born out of the disco era, she is also in the process of researching the intricacies and overlaps between both forms of expression.