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Nicolas Sylvestre

Enseignant.e, Interprète

Nicolas is a sensitive being who grew up on the unceded territory of Montreal and who since his first contact with the circus has found his place in the world. A jack of all trades, he spent 6 years as an athlete on a competitive men's artistic gymnastics team at Gymnika, with the goal of auditioning for the National Circus School, an event that had a major impact on his life. Training at the School of ContemporaryDance, theater lessons and self-taught circus practice, he was a member of the Burlesque Troupe Shimmy Cherry, later participating in the "Voix de Ville" competition at the Wiggle Room under the stage name Myriad Strangewood , was invited as a performer at the Festival Médiéval de Lanaudière, he participated in the residency“l'Écotone”, co-founded an EsoTerra collective“Performance Rituelle”, he was recently appointed co-choreographer for a show entitled“ Uni-verse” and he was invited by visual artist Dali Wu as master of ceremonies at his Vernissage “Dehors,Dehors,Dehors”. Nicolas trained through all this body and mind journey in acrobatics, acro-dance, visual arts, poetry workshops, burlesque, teaching circus arts at the National Circus School: a multidisciplinary way. Nicolas participated in the intensive program of arts“Big Bang #10”to bring his work to an even stronger level and connect to the great community of artists.