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sara hanley


Sara Hanley, a Montreal-based artist, has been involved in the contemporary dance scene for over two decades. Initially trained as a performer, she has contributed to the creation of works by numerous choreographers, including recent projects with Alexandre Morin, Kimberley de Jong, Sylvain Émard and James Viveiros. Driven by a passion for art democratization, she began developing co-creation and cultural mediation projects in 2014, engaging with various communities where sensorial experiences play a crucial role.

Her work delves into the intertwined relationship between the body and the environment, relying on processes of reciprocity and transformation. In 2023, she completed her master's degree in arts education at Concordia University, allowing her to deepen her exploration of the intimate connections between humans and the more-than-human in the development of new narratives of Natureculture.

Since 2008, Sara has been teaching dance in various contexts, including at Concordia University, UQAM, and the École de danse de Québec. Additionally, she regularly serves as an artistic advisor to established and emerging choreographers.