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Emmalie Ruest

Chorégraphe, Directeur.rice de production, Interprète, Répétiteur / directeur des répétitions

Emmalie Ruest graduated with a bachelor's degree in dance from UQAM and received the William Douglas Prize (2011). It was during her studies that she met Karenne Gravel, with whom she founded Dans son salon. To this day, the company fosters artistic collaboration throughout interdisciplinary projects created for stage, for unconventional spaces as well as for video. Their projects have been presented in several places in Montreal, Canada, France and Mexico. As a performer, Emmalie has worked for Manon Oligny, Stacey Désilier, Geneviève Jean Bindley, Abe Simon, Helen Simard, and Peter Trozstmer. She also collaborated with Stephanie Fromentin on the project It's fine. Currently, she works for creators Thomas Duret and Audrée Lewka. She is pursuing the editing process of a video film provisionally called Des Québécoises au Mexique, and is promoting her company's new videodance web series, Gaspésie and me, through the lens of dance.