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Isabelle Rochette

Chorégraphe, Enseignant.e, Interprète

Isabelle Rochette is a 22-year-old dancer and creator based in Montreal, Quebec. She recently gained recognition as a participant in the fourth season of Révolution, a prominent televised dance competition in Quebec. Currently, Isabelle is a proud member of the Anomaly Dance Company, led by Sarah Steben.

Her journey as a dancer began in 2013 when she started competing in various styles, with a particular focus on commercial dance and contemporary, at Imperium Dance Studio. Her work has been recognized through several scholarships, including Radix Nationals in Las Vegas, Intensive Semester at Peridance Capezio Center in New York, 5678 Dance Tour in Barcelona, and You Got This Girl.

Isabelle's dedication to her craft has led her to participate in a professional dance program, Moving Beyond, under the guidance of Sarah Steben. During this program, she had the opportunity to take part in an hour-long dance film titled "Point of View."

As she continues to embark on her professional career, Isabelle is deeply passionate about movement research, creation, and choreography. Her diverse background in different dance styles has allowed her to develop a unique and authentic movement style that is true to her artistic expression.