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PPS Danse

PPS Danse has been inspiring both young and old since 1989, first under the direction of Pierre-Paul Savoie and later under David Rancourt. The company offers original creations that blend dance, song, and music to deliver unique performances that ignite wonder. PPS Danse is committed to making dance accessible to everyone and sharing the cultural richness of Quebec. Thus, the company advocates for humanistic values based on sharing and commitment, with a focus on the creative aspect of each new production.

Today, by investing in three major areas: young audiences, the general public, and cultural mediation, PPS Danse solidifies its position as a cornerstone in the Quebec dance community. The organization's repertoire includes about thirty works, and PPS Danse has performed over 1000 times in around fifteen countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Regardless of the production's creative cycle, these works are all characterized by multidisciplinarity in form and humanity in content.

The company's artistic approach is based on the principle of encounter: between artists, materials, artistic languages, works, communities, and audiences. The territories of encounter explored by PPS Danse are diverse and all converge towards a common goal: enabling the discovery and nurturing of a passion for dance among both young and adult audiences.