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Nasim Lootij

Chorégraphe, Interprète

Choreographer, performer and teacher, Nasim Lootij began dancing in Iran, where the art was banned in 1979. After practising Iranian dance in clandestine classes in Tehran, she moved to Paris in 2006. There, for eight years, she studied contemporary dance at the Université Paris8, the RIDC and the Conservatoire Jean Wiener before specialising in Laban Notation at the CNSMDP. She has also collaborated with Odile Duboc, Christine Gérard, Natalie Pernette, Dominique Dupuy, Alban Richard and Nawel Oulad, and has created two pieces: Lalaï (2012) and Bouyé Jouyé Mouliân (2015).

Accompanied by her life and art partner, dramaturge Kiasa Nazeran, Nasim moved to Montreal in 2015. Between 2017 and 2019, they consecutively created Moi-Me-Man (solo), La Chute (solo) and their collective called Vâtchik Danse. They have toured their solos in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. Their new work is called L'Inconsistance.

Nasim has also choreographed for Damascus Dreams (feature film/Emilie Serrie/2019), Nowhereland (short film/Parisa Pajoohandeh/2020) and Black Baloon (play/Sophie El Assad/2020). As a performer, she has worked with France Geoffroy (Raconte moi un souvenir/2016), Su-Feh Lee (Dance Machine/2017) Amplement Danse (2021), Kondition Pluriel (2021-22), Jasad Dance Projects (Maryam Alaoui-2022), Amour Amour (Simon Renaud – 2023), Nadère Arts Vivants (Andréane Leclerc-2023). She has also worked with two dance establishments, Fondation Jean Pierre Perreault and RQD (board member), and has led dance workshops at MAI and Studio BIZZ.