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Maria Papathanasiou


Maria (Mantia) Papathanasiou is a contemporary dancer born and raised in Athens, Greece, and living in Montreal, Qc since September 2015. She graduated from a three-year training program at Niki's Kontaxaki Professional Dance School and was a synchronized swimming champion who began her dance career later in life with the grounding of a professional career in sports. She choreographed for the National Championships of Greece, Germany, and Turkey, as well as for International meets, (2007-Present), World Championships (2009-2013), and the preliminaries of the London Olympic Games 2012. She founded Ametakinit(R)o Dance Team in 2011. At the same time, she created her own artistic training system, Contemporary Synchro Art(CsA), which combines principles of artistic swimming and contemporary dance. Recently financially supported from CALQ, CAC and Complexe Sportif St. Laurent for EauMotion, a research and creation project that challenges the existing method of CsA. She is also an overall artistic coach at club Gymslic, St. Laurent.